Z-Health is the first training to bring neuroscience research into easy-to-use movement drills, eye exercises, balance training and a host of other hands-on approaches. This will change your practice and make you question everything you thought you knew but in a good way.  No matter what your discipline, you will learn tools that you can implement right away.   As a Neuro Performance Coach, Nadya harnesses the power of the nervous system to help her clients overcome obstacles and achieve their performance and life goals.

Neuroscientists believe that your brain, eyes, and vestibular system rule the body.  Brain-based training drills can be incorporated into your current training to help manage pain, increase strength, increase flexibility and mobility, and perform better.

What are the benefits of neuro-training for everyday and athletic performance?

  • Improve body awareness & motor control
  • Stamina training for greater energy, longevity, and recovery
  • Speed & reaction time improves with how quickly you SEE & DECIDE what to do
  • Eliminate your aches and pains
  • Eliminate mistakes by training your vestibular system
  • Develop better body ownership and a sense of where you are in space so your movements are more accurate
  • Sense your environment and your opponent or car on the other side of the road better by how accurately you feel and respond to sensation


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