Cold laser therapy offers a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of conditions, including soft tissue and sports injuries, stress injuries, arthritic conditions and a wide variety of general health problems.

We use a special level 2 laser over accupressure, accupuncture, and cranial sacral points in addition to the actual joints and muscles affected.  Most people do not feel a thing except relief from pain.  Occasionally, someone will feel a feather is touching their skin even though nothing except the light touches your skin.

Clinical Benefits:

Eliminates or reduces pain, reduces the need for pain medication, restores normal range of motion and physical function, non-invasive, non-toxic, no known adverse effects, no drug interactions, and provides a treatment alternative for patients that have not responded to conventional therapies.


Physiological Effects:

Increased production of Endorphins (natural analgesics), Cortisol, Growth hormone (instrumental in tissue repair), ATP (improves and regulates cellular metabolism), Increased protein synthesis (collagen, DNA, fibroblasts), increased blood and lymphatic flow, elevation of oxygen saturation and enhanced immune response.

We have had great success helping people with all types of muscular tightness and injuries, strokes, brain trauma, muscle rigidity, back pain, neck pain, herniated disc pain, concussions, arthritis....

Solo Low level laser therapy appointments are 25 minutes and $50.

If you would like to combine 30 minutes of trigger point therapy and 30 minutes of Low Level Laser Therapy, the session is 55 minutes for $100.