After a thorough certification process, we can now offer The BioMechanics method.  The BioMechanics program helps people eliminate chronic back, neck, knee, shoulder and joint pain with our incredibly effective approach to pain relief. We can help you identify the structural and neuromuscular imbalances that cause and perpetuate your specific type of pain. We then use customized exercise plans to assist you in correcting your condition. Our techniques are successful in nearly every situation, even when surgery has been recommended as the only alternative.

Every client  is individually assessed for imbalances in their muscular, skeletal and nervous system. We also assess non-physical areas of your life to determine what issues may be adversely affecting your overall health. Programs are then carefully designed to help guide rehabilitation, exercise recommendations, reduction of stress, and correction of faulty movement patterns.

We will take photos of you doing your exercises and give you the tools necessary to be pain free.  You go home and perform these exercises for 1-2 weeks, come back and we progress to the next level.  Some people prefer to come to the studio in between sessions for one on one help with their exercises.  We have even skyped sessions while someone was traveling overseas.

You will be amazed at how differently you walk, sit, stand, run... once you are aware of proper alignment.  We will talk to you on the phone and set up a consultation.  The price of this method depends on many factors including how often you would like to work one on one and how often you will do your exercises at home.

"I searched many years to find a natural remedy for my degenerative arthritis and back pain. I was headed for the operating table when I found a Specialist in The BioMechanics Method. Within my first few sessions, my back pain was totally under control and I was functioning normally again."  Sally 

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